What is Paleoish?

Paleoish is what I’m calling my journey to healthy. I would like to say I’m going full paleo and sticking with it but I’m human. I’m doing this in stages. And because this isn’t a diet I’m giving myself some wiggle room. 

Stage one: I’m cutting out processed junk,  soda, and sugar other than my morning coffee. 


My last soda

Im drinking my last soda… assuming I can stick with this. I’m planning to still have a cup of coffee with 2tsp of sugar and a dash of half and half in the mornings. Then I’m going to try to cut it out as time goes on. Step one is no more soda. I’m only going to drink water, tea (unsweetened), coffee, and when I’m craving soda carbonated water. I think no soda will be really difficult for me… here’s to hoping I survive.