Why I failed at selling…

I tried selling “those crazy wrap” things, and I’m happy I failed.  And here’s why.  Because I’m not a pusher. I can’t bring myself to send messages to anyone asking them if they are interested. I don’t want to pick out people who may have bad self esteem to begin with and try to sell them something. And since I gave it up I’ve gotten countless messages from people I barely know asking if I want to buy weight loss products. I was a part of the Facebook group that helps you market the products. They encourage you to send messages and ask people if they are interested. They give you scripts to copy and paste. You are instructed to delete and block anyone who doesn’t believe in the product or has something negative to say about it. One girl had a cousin say they didn’t work and she was told to delete that cousin from Facebook and her life. Because “you don’t need that negativity in your life.” What happened to agreeing to disagree?

 I think the thing that made me crazy is getting a message from a girl who made fun of my weight in highschool. She pointed out my weight and laughed with a boy who was making fun of me. I get a message from her last week asking if I want to buy products. I wouldn’t buy anything from you if my life depended on it. Do you not remember treating me like shit? Because I do. 

 Let’s focus on the wraps for a second. I tried them because I got a bogo box when I signed up. And because I sold a whopping zero I still have some. I’ve tried them on a couple of occasions and they are absolute junk. If anyone has lost inches using them it’s because they are already doing things to lose weight. They didn’t even make me lose water weight. They are a thin papery material. The “lotion” stuff is a tan smelly concoction. The first wrap I ever opened had a random hair stuck to it… very off putting. But at $25 a pop I used it anyway. Ugh. I got zero results. I even used a neoprene waist cincher over it. 

But people sell the products to make money right? We were going through a difficult financial situation when I signed up. I paid $99 for the sign up kit and I thought it would be a piece of cake, so easy! I marketed,  I shared pictures, I did everything but sending messages to random people. I had one person sign up under me as a distributor and that’s the only selling I was able to accomplish. But even then you have to set up to buy so much merchandise a month on auto shipping to even qualify for commission. Remember I said we were struggling financially? I couldn’t even sell enough to pay for MY products. Even when that one person ordered under me I saw not one cent from it. 


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