Day 3 

Day 3 is put on hold because we celebrated my son’s birthday with his friend sleeping over. I also had a date day with my husband which only happens once every 6 months. But will I let that ruin everything? Absolutely not. I’m back at healthy eating today. Tomorrow is his actual birthday and we are having pizza and cake. Could I instead eat my healthy food while they eat the “fun” stuff.  Of course I could. But if I restrict myself to never having something I enjoy I will likely fail. After his actual birthday on Monday we have no more celebrations or special days until July. This journey was originally planned to start June 2nd which is our first day of summer break. Since I’m a lunch lady I also won’t have work all summer. That’s a really good thing because it’s hard to work in the snack shack and serve soft pretzels, walking tacos, cheese sticks, and pizza, knowing you can’t have it. My goal is to lose 30lbs in 3 months. It feels totally doable. But I’m not skipping birthday celebrations with my kids. Have I mentioned I have 4?!


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