Day one

So day one is in the books. I woke up a lot last night with hunger pains. I ate a lot of veggies yesterday. I think today I’m going to focus more on protein to try and keep me fuller longer. I vowed I wasn’t going to track calories but I did just to get an idea of what this eating plan was doing. I ate around 1300 calories yesterday which is -700 compared to my usual diet. I’m also wondering if i should add in rice to help not feel like I’m starving. But I’m not giving up with my original plan just yet.I’ll also be really happy when this headache from soda withdrawal goes away. I weighed myself to get an idea of where I’m starting. I hate to even share it, but accountability, right? Weight:167

Here’s is my breakfast: 2 farm fresh eggs and fresh strawberries. 

My lunch: lemon pepper tuna, iceberg lettuce (I know it’s not as healthy but I like it), cucumbers, and brown mustard. 

I know iceberg lettuce is mostly water and not as nutrient dense but here’s the thing. If I try to change my diet in one day I’m going to have to eat some things that I like. And I love iceberg lettuce. Baby steps. I even ate a sweet potato yesterday… the first few bites were ok because I was very hungry. But lord help me I do not like sweet potatos without brown sugar and marshmallows. 😉


2 thoughts on “Day one

  1. I love your idea of “paleoish” I think it’s a good way to start into any big changes like going paleo or ditching all your normal foods. Iceberg lettuce might not be the greatest but it’s still better than a lot of things out there. Best of luck with your journey! x


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve always went into a eating change with the idea that I had to do things a certain way. And when I inevitably slipped up I would completely come undone. For me this changes that mind set.


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